Printing signs & graphics with white ink may be the solution to 4 color duldrums…

White ink spot print

White ink spot under 4 color illustration.

4 color process printing has been around for many decades now and is pretty much the standard for printing in our age, so how do we create signs and graphics with more impact?

Maybe going back to our black and white roots might be the answer? Or a mix between the two?

With white spot and white flood ink printing we can tackle the traditional print job from a different direction, from the back! As a result changing the substrate color to black, gray blue or any color you choose can really alter the way a print piece looks. Even printing on clear with white ink under printing is very effective for signs and POP displays.

White ink for POP displays and Signage.

text with white ink

White spot text printing on black foam PVC


Spot white ink under logo

Spot white under 4 color logo

White ink for backlit duratrans and clear acrylic prints

Duratrans backlit - 2nd surface

Duratrans backlit – 2nd surface printed on clear PETG with white ink backup.

Another way we use white ink for customers is for acrylic prints and backlit duratrans prints. Multi layer CMYK/White/CMYK day/night backlit prints on clear look great with lights on or off. This process of printing is often used for restaurant menu boards, high end retail stores or airports.

Also photos or graphics printed on the back of acrylic with a white ink backup are always a pleasing solution for office walls or your home.

White ink for architectural window graphics

Calling interior designers and architects! Try window graphics on clear film with white ink for a real wow factor in your office, sports complex, museum or conference room project.

window film using white ink.

Architectural window graphics printed with clear film with white ink

Like what you see? We’ve been at it for 15 years.

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