Preferred design software platforms and file formats for UV Flatbed and inkjet printing.

Quick Take:

  1. We can accept all Adobe standard files. Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop.
  2. Artwork saved as PDF. The PDFX-4 setting is the current setting for graphics.
  3. Please convert text to outlines or provide the fonts.
  4. Provide images with the artwork.
  5. Die lines as a separate layer or file. Not embedded in the artwork.
  6. The ideal bleed for large graphics is .25″.

In Depth:

Oce Arizona flatbed direct to substrate and HP Latex inkjet vinyl, poster and banner printing require high quality source graphics for best output. Please call us at Conestoga dpi 717.665.0298 or email questions on graphic setup.


Adobe Illustrator CC or below
Adobe Photoshop CCor below
Adobe InDesign CC or below (not preferred)
High quality, editable PDF file
High Resolution .tif file

High quality, editable PDFs, Photoshop and Illustrator files are preferred, as they are more suitable applications for large format printing. Art time will be charged if files need to be fixed or altered to meet guidelines. When sending native files, please be sure to include all support art (fonts, linked images, etc.) Please note that Illustrator special effects such as glows, transparencies, or drop shadows are not recommended. These effects sometimes have unpredictable results when printing. Photoshop is preferred when using these special effects.


Text should be converted to outlines. If text is not converted to outlines, please provide fonts. If changes need to be made in the file, please provide the fonts and a version of the file with editable type.


All files are printed as CMYK format. Please send files with a CMYK (GRACoL) build. Please provide a PDF layout or hard copy proof of the files being printed.

If Pantone PMS colors need to be matched please specify on purchase order or hard copy reference. All critical Pantone colors need to be called out in the file as solid coated swatches. If multiple Pantone swatches are used in the file, all will be matched to solid coated unless otherwise specified.

Please feel free to submit catalogs, brochures, printed proofs, etc. to use for a color reference. If color matching is required for Adobe Photoshop files please provide a layered file. Art time may be charged to correct flattened Photoshop files. If color matching to existing graphics, we will need those back to review. Orders without indication of Pantone colors, supplied proofs or requested hard copy proofs are NOT guaranteed for color.


All raster files (either print files or linked files) must be at 150 pixels per inch at 100%. If there is a lot of small point type 300 dpi may be used for sharper very small text.


Artwork must be set-up as vector files with fonts created to outlines for all cut vinyl. Please specify Avery color number for solid color vinyl or PMS color for printed and cut vinyl.


Artwork may be vector or raster based, but cut line must be vector on a separate layer named 20160830_104642“Cut”. Fonts must be converted to outlines. Full bleed files must include at least 1/8” bleed around the perimeter.


Files are accepted by Email (up to 10MB), Please contact us for upload of larger files. or 717.665.0298. Upload utilities like or have been used succesfully to send very large graphics.

Ideal PDF Compression setting for large format output.

  • PDF/X-4:2008


All graphics produced require specific bleeds. Below is a general outline for the required bleeds.

Vinyl Banners – Please supply files with 1″ bleed on all sides with no crop marks or registration marks. for instance a 4×8′ banner would be 50″ x 98″ including the bleed. 100 dpi minunum for large banners.

Mural files should be built as one file. Please note where panel breaks are located and try to minimize the amount of type that crosses over the panel breaks. 2″ bleed on all sides.

Fabric Pop Up displays – 2″ bleed around the perimeter. Please keep all logos, type, and critical information at least 2″ in from the visual edge of the graphic.

Banner Stand Graphics –  Ask for a design template. Each product has specific bleed requirements. Please refer to graphic template for specific information. Different printing processes may require different bleeds.