Sustainability :

Environmental Statement

Our Vision

Conestoga dpi strives to offer ever-greener options to our clients and continually discover the most sustainable processes and materials technologically available. Conestoga dpi evaluates the Life Cycle of our printing projects to reduce our environmental impacts. We look at materials, product manufacture, distribution, use, and waste. We evaluate waste for reuse opportunities on a daily basis to improve the environmental aspects and impacts of our operations to ensure that our customers receive high quality printing that has a minimal impact on the environment.

Our Mission

Conestoga dpi is committed to being a leader in environmentally sound practice in our industry. We will continually explore and implement improved designs, products, and processes to reduce our environmental impact. By so doing, we will benefit our company, clients, vendors, our community, nation, and our world.

Sustainability at Conestoga dpi

Sustainability at Conestoga dpi is a continuous process of research, self-examination and improvement. To that end Conestoga dpi continually seeks opportunities to reduce the environmental footprint of our activities in the following areas:

  • Material selection and sourcing
  • Manufacturing of printing projects
  • Investment in energy efficient equipment and cleaner ink technology
  • Recycling and re use of as much material we can
  • Building operations and utilities
  • Packaging and transportation

Conestoga dpi is in compliance with all known environmental, health and safety requirements, and is committed to continuous improvement in addressing all environmental, health, and safety issues, whether or not required by regulation. We attend conferences, hire experts, and read literature to assure that we stay current with the best practices available.

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