Welding large format vinyl banners

Finishing banners is an essential piece of the puzzle for the longevity of printed graphics. Some graphics don’t require more than trimmed sides but often the graphics will need to be hung from a backdrop, placed on street poles or attached to an exterior wall. In these installation circumstances proper finishing is important.

At Conestoga dpi we use a Miller Weldmaster to finish our vinyl banners with hems and pole pockets. We are often asked what are some of the advantages to welding large format vinyl banners versus other finishing processes?


 – The most important reason to hem a vinyl banner is to make it stronger. Welding a vinyl banner fuses together the material creating a nearly indestructible solid bond between the two materials. –When a welded vinyl banner fails it is rarely the result of the weld.

 – From an appearance point of view welding a vinyl banner is preferred for it’s smooth appearance without stitch lines obscuring the art on the banner.

 – Speed of production. Welded vinyl banners can be completed very quickly allowing us the ship banners of all sizes often same the day the order is placed.

Contact us at print@conestogadpi.com if you would like a sample of a large format welded banner.